Intro To Me

Hi guys,

BloggerGirl here! I didn’t really want to call myself ‘bloggergal19’ but i figured that other usernames would be taken.

I decided to start this blog, so that I could share my innermost thoughts with you all, but still keep this blog anonymous.

I recently started high school, and boy was that a shock to the system! Everything was so different from primary school, I didn’t even know how I was going to manage. One thing I learnt was that i should be patient with making friends because they’re not going to come that easily on the first day.

When I went to school, I saw everybody with their friends, and I felt really left out. Little did I know that they were all their friends from primary school. Now I’m about 5 weeks in and im so happy with how everything is going.

If you know what’s best for you… DON’T stick with your classmates from primary school, because if for some reason they leave you, you will not have anybody. Also don’t try to be the ‘popular girl/boy’ because they’re usually the ones that are just in it for the friends and NOT the learning. Now im not saying everyone’s like that… some people are just popular because they’re so darn nice!

Anyway, before I get into one, im going to end it here! Have a lovely Friday and write to you soon!

XOXO- BloggerGirl


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