All about my cat <3 (a guide to cats)

Hi guys,

BloggerGirl here. Now… I wouldn’t usually blog twice in one day, but since my last post was a bit short, I’m going to do a bonus blog. So sit back, relax, and read on. : D

Todays bonus blog is going to be about… MY CAT!

As you can see in the thumbnail –  he is a beautiful white moggy. He is going to be turning 10 on December 19! Wow… not long to go. I love him so much and think that everyone should go for cats, here’s why:

  • They’re as cute as puppies/dogs
  • They’re not high maintenance
  • They’re loveable
  • They’re loyal

Some people say that they are always sleeping and just use you for food and shelter, *silently screams inside* well… THEY’RE WRONG! Okay sure they sleep a lot, but they’re more than that. They love you!

So I’m going to give you a little guide to adopting a kitten/cat:

  • Make sure that you have the right environment for them to live in.
  • Be prepared, have a litter tray, feeding bowls and e.t.c. ,e.t.c.
  • Make sure to play with them at an early age as when they’re older they’ll be more used to human company, and will be warm and even more loving.
  • Lastly, brush them really well to make sure they don’t get fur balls AND NEVER EVER BATHE THEM!

Alright guys, thanks for reading today’s bonus blog! Be sure to follow me and share my channel with others so you can both be notified whenever I post something new. Also, make sure you comment because I love hearing your thoughts! Have a Super Saturday, and write to you soon!

XOXO- BloggerGirl


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